brb on BM

Bryan’s take on Burning Man, this year’s iteration of which should be kicking off right about now:

“The only way I would ever go would be by helicopter, and then only if I’d be on the ground less than fifteen minutes.”

A viewpoint, I might add, heartily endorsed by Nurri. I can just see it now: the two of them immaculately attired, stepping gingerly onto the Playa from a black-on-black Hughes 500D.

2 responses to “brb on BM”

  1. Andrew says :

    Someone should do an anti-burning man, maybe at the Ice Hotel, with lots of fashion and style magazines lying around, and many trips into the sauna, followed by delicately prepared dinners.

  2. speedbird says :

    Oh, fuck, I’m in. Better that by far than the annual jubilee of alkalinity and chlamydia that is Burning Man.

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