A proper welcome

One morning you wake up and have had enough. You’ve had enough of fighting an outdated CMS, you’ve had enough of a heavy and equally outdated design, you’ve had enough, even, of the rhetorical corners you’ve from time to time painted yourself into.

Mercifully, the world affords us an infinite number of outbound routes, and each a way and a chance to reinvent. Welcome to Speedbird.

7 responses to “A proper welcome”

  1. gen says :

    erm- cool but why the new domain? why not take all the v-2 content and move it into wordpress and just install wordpress at v-2?

  2. speedbird says :

    I dunno, something about the accumulated weight of all that opinion. I wanted a fresh start. : . )

  3. gen says :

    how about speedbird.v-2.org?

    Having your content at a domain you don’t own = risk I would not recommend.

  4. kazys varnelis says :

    Thank you for the RSS site, Adam!

    I agree with speedbird.v-2.org.

    But this becomes an interesting hybrid… German rocketry and British jets. Maybe we need more of that.

  5. Ben Kraal says :

    Is the negative line-height a design choice or something else?

  6. speedbird says :

    Should be fixed now, Ben, sorry – ’twas an errant line in the CSS that apparently didn’t have the same effect in Safari.

    Site looks like ass in Firefox, anyway, for whatever reason. This is why I continue to hate Web design.

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