What goes around

If you get a chance, do yourself a favor and take in Our Daily Bread. The feature-length documentary is a gorgeously and rigorously uninflected look at the world of globalized food production, from fisheries to salt mines to slaughterhouses – something, I imagine, like the film a hybrid offspring of Andreas Gursky and Frederick Wiseman might produce.

There’s no narration, no framing, no explanation or contextualizing or narrative arc. It’s not Fast Food Nation, in other words. All that you’ll get out of this film is what you bring to it. Its scenes of plastic-membraned, greenhoused acreage stretching to the horizon, crouching croppers working under (and at the pace of) a moving harvester vehicle, and mechanized, electrohydraulic and fully Taylorist abattoirs (this last highly reminiscent of Wiseman’s classic Meat) may not even be meant to give one pause…but they do.

I’ll tell you this much: we found ourselves, for once, laughing nervously about our post-cinematic hunger. Highly recommended.

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