Credit where due

Anybody else noticed the unusually crisp graphic language the laggard CBS network is using in ads promoting their new season? The design direction is bold, and in context, fairly impressive; with high-visibility yellow backgrounds and severely-cropped type used as a graphic element, the ads seem a few orders of magnitude more sophisticated than the gormless shows they’re touting. Oddly enough, I can’t seem to find any of the campaign online, nor is it carried through on the net’s own Web site. Cold feet? Miscoordination?

Locals can see the ads to best advantage on one of those superbright video billboards above the subway entrance at 23rd and Broadway, just across from the Flatiron Building. I’d be curious to hear what you-all think. (These are the very billboards, mind you, that I’m probably supposed to be appalled by, and regard – as any bien-pensant would – as the worst sort of blight on the streetscape. Actually, I find them energizingly urbane.)

3 responses to “Credit where due”

  1. Dan says :

    Take some pictures, mate!

  2. Michal Migurski says :

    Linky-linky, come on!

  3. speedbird says :

    I done did my best, boys! Not my fault that CBS apparently doesn’t want you to know about their design steez.

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