Goddess for sale

The terrible moment of reckoning has arrived, in which I have to confront the fact that car ownership and Manhattan residence are largely incompatible, at least at our level of income. We just can’t afford the parking, the insurance, and above all the guilty certainty that we’re not driving the car as much as we should.

So. Fully-, recently- and lovingly restored 1970 Citroën DSpécial for sale – contact me for price. Pictures here, here, here and here.

The metallic blue paint job is new (2005), as are all components and hydraulic and mechanical fittings. There are some minor issues you should know about. The emergency-brake handle has broken and will need replacement; the glue on the new ceiling liner has weakened, resulting in the liner’s having fallen in two places toward the rear of the cabin. Otherwise, a full inventory of parts and interventions involved in the restoration (by South San Francisco’s legendary Peter Koine) is available to those making serious inquiries.

The car has been kept in New Jersey for the last year, but prior to that spent its entire existence in Northern California. All body work is sound and rust-free. This car has been fully rebuilt mechanically and runs amazingly smoothly.

7 responses to “Goddess for sale”

  1. speedbird says :

    Don’t think it doesn’t hurt.

  2. Josh Ellis says :

    That sucks — I like your car.

    (I’m gonna have to sell my truck too, because it’s just not fuel efficient enough. The problem is that, in Las Vegas, cars are really a necessity, so I have to replace it with something. Hybrids and smart cars are way out of my tax bracket at the moment, so I’m thinking about buying a scooter. Fruity, but cheap and efficient.)

  3. speedbird says :

    There is nothing “fruity” about a scooter.

  4. Ben Kraal says :


    Surely there is a way to store it until such time as you can afford to run it again.

    Lease it to someone!

  5. plemeljr says :

    Man, I hear you about the city forcing purification. When I moved here I sold a bunch of my tools and furniture – I just couldn’t afford to cart it and store it.

  6. igj says :

    Say it ain’t so Joe! Most of my sadness about this posting comes from the amount of mental power that you have poured into that car over the past few years…forget ergs, we need a measure of brain power units expended per day.

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