Non-caustic biomorph

I’ve never been 100% on Ross Lovegrove, finding him a bit hit or miss. He’s kind of like the thinking person’s Colani; when he’s on, he’s on, but when he’s not his designs seem to go unusually far of the mark for such an accomplished eye and hand. So I’ll be interested to see what I make of the exhibition he’s got coming up here in March.

Which side of him do you think we’ll see? On the one hand, he authored this flawless washbasin for Vitra, and I’ve always loved his magnesium Go chair; on the other hand, he likes Justin Timberlake. (Maximum points off/decrement register to zero.) I suppose we’ll see, soon enough. Either way, though, I have to say I rather admire his ability to keep a sunny disposition despite working with what have to be some of the highest-maintenance clients I can imagine – compare/contrast to the legendarily stormy Zaha Hadid. Maybe there’s something I can learn from him.

Other than the Justin Timberlake, that is.

(UPDATE: Ironically enough, I forgot the whole reason I was going to post this today in the first place, which was to point out that Mr. Newson is also showing hereabouts for a spell. As Liz Danzico would say: Mmmmm.)

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