Urban Computing: It begins.

So today’s the big day: our longtime-aborning class, Urban Computing, kicks off at ITP at 18.30 Eastern Standard Time.

The class, we are told, was the program’s most-requested this semester, and currently appears to be way oversubscribed. There’s something like fifteen seventeen students on the waiting list, which doesn’t sound like very much at all until you remember what an intimately-scaled program ITP is. (There’s a story about how I was originally apprised of this fact, which I’ll tell you if you buy me a G&T.)

Thanks to the hard-workin’, hard-drinkin’ crew at if:book, the innovative class platform they built for us will have more than dummy text in it by H-Hour, and you’re all invited to play along. And I will do my best to enjoy the ins and outs of beginner’s mind. I think this is going to be a hell of a lot of fun.

One response to “Urban Computing: It begins.”

  1. kuipercliff says :

    Can’t remember exactly how I came across this site, but very intrigued by the whole Urban Computing project. I’m currently living in Cairo – a cybernet, but not wired yet.

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