Cynic’s corner: Active Denial System

Can anyone tell me how long after its deployment in a theater of war this will be used domestically, to e.g. disperse protests? I do believe I can hear the LAPD slavering already.

This has been your daily dose of cynicism for Thursday, 25 January 2007.

3 responses to “Cynic’s corner: Active Denial System”

  1. igj says :

    Living in LA, I had the exact same thought when I read about this badly euphemized weapon.

  2. Vidiot says :

    Nahhhhh….it’ll make its proud debut at the 2008 Republican National Convention, I’m sure.

  3. eric shinn says :

    What I’ve seen in videos in which these “non-lethal” systems are being used is that moral judgement goes out the window. An officer is much more likely to use a taser to a level of abuse, way over what would be deemed required, than he/she would with say a fire-arm as “it doesn’t kill”.

    A firehose works perfectly fine.

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