Links for a Saturday

– Kazys Varnelis drops his conclusion to Networked Publics, awwww yeah. For the record, I agree with him that we’re now into a post-postmodern era; I don’t think it’s yet safe to further characterize it.
On rereading Aramis. Again, I agree: Latour’s cautionary tale of a systemic failure of will and/or imagination is required reading for urbanists.
– Great seeing Soo-In Yang and David Benjamin present at last night’s Eyebeam confab. I thoroughly endorse their praxis of Flash Research.
– I’m reading Iain Borden on skateboarding, space, and the city, and it’s breaking me heart. At least when I was twenty and poring over copies of Thrasher in a wretched New York City winter, I could look forward to hitting the Brooklyn Banks come springtime and doing my damndest to come aggro. I suppose some thirty-eight year olds have the option. I am not among them.

2 responses to “Links for a Saturday”

  1. Jamie says :

    Re: the post-postmodern era, for more on it check Alan Kirby’s “The Death of Postmodernism And Beyond” in last month’s Philosophy Now magazine. You may want to be sitting down when reading his third and fourth paragraphs in particular.

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