Attending HCI2020, Seville, 14-15 Mar 2007

Just got invited to this Microsoft Research conference, dedicated to “formulating the agenda for Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in the next decade and beyond.”

Seems at first blush to be a little bit of a harder-core academic HCI crowd than I’m used to running with, and while, again, I’m honored to have been invited, I wonder if I’ll know anybody there. Do me a favor and drop me a line if you’re going, or know anybody who’s planning on doing so? I’m going to need somebody to split a pot of sangria with.

Because, man, the venue sure looks lovely, and I’d hate to think of that space not being put to good convivial use. : . )

4 responses to “Attending HCI2020, Seville, 14-15 Mar 2007”

  1. Matt says :

    El Bulli as in the crazy molecular gastronomy joint? Whoa. Jealous!

  2. speedbird says :

    That’s the one. I take it this means you won’t be there? Dang.

  3. Alessandro Valli says :

    I’ll be there. But I’m not so strong with sangria…

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