Geneva, at the hour of the wolf

I’m awake, governed by tides, my consciousness of the outside world reduced to an abstract certainty of mountains ranging beyond the windows.

My LIFT presentation is nominally ready to go, but is striking me as far too wordy. There was a time when I’d gotten my talks down to three words a slide, and sometimes one, and that was a good time; now the text is gnawing its way back across the screen.

Refine, refine, a voice in me says. I know it’s correct, and yet feel helpless to comply. The right words, the ones which imply all the rest – they aren’t coming.

Wake-up call in two hours.

6 responses to “Geneva, at the hour of the wolf”

  1. nicolas says :

    Don’t worry, it was perfectly structured and balanced between theory and examples. Pure state of flow, man pure state of flow.

  2. Andy says :

    Great presentation today. Fit in well to balance the over-enthusiasm some people display when talking about the potential of technology. It’s good to sit back, have a good long time of contemplation about what the consequences may be, and then decide if that’s really the world we want to live in. Luckily, one copy of your book was still in stock at Amazon France, so I’ll expect to have some good reading over the weekend :o)

  3. Fabio says :

    Truly enjoyed seeing you master the stage amico mio. Inspiring delivery. Great talk.

  4. speedbird says :

    Heh – thanks, gents. One does what one can. And anyway, Ben and Julian did all the heavy conceptual lifting; I just came along in their wake to put it in simple terms.

  5. Thierry Maillet says :

    I very much appreciated your presentation y’day.
    I am the author of Generation Participation, written in french. I would like to meet you at the LIFT if you are still here.
    My mobile is + 33 N NN NN NN NN

  6. speedbird says :

    Thierry, great meeting you as well. I’ve redacted your mobile number so nobody untoward grabs it. : . )

    See you in Paris in May?

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