@ equanimity

Man, it’s peaceful here.

The snow’s shrouding everything, all the sounds of the city are muffled. I’m standing at the window looking down at the garden, listening to the little sleety pellets pinging off the pane, and it hits me: everything’s perfect.

Everything here is warm and whole and complete. Tomorrow’s another turn of the wheel, but for now…perfect.

3 responses to “@ equanimity”

  1. alex says :

    spooky… I just posted almost the same exact thing.

  2. james says :

    some photographs of snow you might like on my site just now.

    everyone here seems to hate the snow, but i don’t mind. something good to struggle against the weather. there are woods in small town michigan, and the ponds freeze over. never felt nothing quite like the feeling of walking the first time right clear cross solid water.

  3. speedbird says :

    James, those are rad.

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