Everyware on Google

Oh, this is great: Everyware, free, searchable and in its entirety pretty severely truncated, on Google Book Search.

I had originally wanted to release a free, downloadable PDF of the book concurrently with its publication, but the powers that be at New Riders thought they knew better. (“But that would cannibalize sales!”) Nor, for still harder-to-understand reasons, would they even agree to submit the book to Amazon’s Search Inside This Book indexing, something I’d badly wanted.

It appears these questions are moot now, and I’m delighted. The format isn’t everything it could be, but all the words are in the right order. Go, have at it, enjoy.

(UPDATE: Yeah, I spoke too soon, misled by the interface and my own hunger. I still, for the life of me, can’t understand why publishers don’t get how valuable things like this are as a marketing tool.)

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