(…with Karl Hungus.)

Material I have on my desktop, in various stages of completion:
– A relatively eagerly-awaited review of the A-bike microlight folder;
– Some notes from a presentation by Georges Amar of the RATP on the future of urban transportation;
– Maybe something about the closing of the American map;
– Thoughts about the terminal urban activity – scraping, not shopping;
– An appreciation of some of Hannes Wettstein‘s watches for Ventura, including a long-term review of his v-Matic.
– A short piece on walkshed-scale activities.

But for the watch thing, these are all startlingly urbanist in focus. I guess I know what I’ve been thinking about for the last few months. At any rate, keep an eye peeled – I want to ship the bulk of these before my next bout of travel kicks in.

And we now know what that travel’s gonna look like, at least in part: I’ll be speaking at HCI2020 in Seville, Spain 14-15 Mar; the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego, 27-29 Mar; keynoting Pervasive 2007 in Toronto 13-14 May and hopping straightaway on a plane to Paris to do the same at XTech the next day.

In between (i.e. “April,”), good god, it’d be nice to get some R&R. We’ll see what happens.

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