Five delights of the moment

– “Dot Dash,” Wire. For all its vaguely foreboding, crypto-Ballardian content, this 1978 single never fails to send me. A two-minute, twenty-five second vessel of irrepressible glee.

– A cup of Kimo Bean Company’s Kimo Primo on waking. 100% Kona Fancy. Yes.

– Jan Chipchase and Craig Mod routinely crank up the jealous by mentioning – in passing, yet! – dawn rides through an all-but-deserted Tokyo. I do have ways of fighting back, though: while it’s been too nasty here lately for me to countenance getting up and out that early, I have been spending a decent amount of time on my still-newish bike. Been really getting into the single-speed thing, too. I blame Mr. Migurski.

These here Go stones. Black has that great matte-velvet texture, while White is cool and smooth. Satisfying to the touch and when played (and especially so at this price point). I’ll be writing more about how much I’ve been enjoying Go soon.

Zak Smith‘s series of “Drawings From Around the Time I Became a Porn Star,” which we discovered at the Armory Show last weekend. I think there were 139 of them? The closest description I can come up with is dystopian porn manga obsessively executed in ballpoint, and vaguely reminiscent of some of Jake and Dinos Chapman‘s output. Not at all my usual cup of tea, but decadent in the best possible way.

3 responses to “Five delights of the moment”

  1. C says :

    New Bike?! Pics?!

    If you’ve been bitten by the fixed bug then your next visit to Tokyo should include a nice run around to some of the old-school Japanese Keirin frame makers. Yes, because bike geeks enjoy that sort of thing!

  2. speedbird says :

    You can sorta see the bike here, though it looks a trifle different since I swapped out the handlebars (sleeker and basically bad-asser). I’ll try to get something current up in a day or two.

    Keirin: yes. : . )

  3. speedbird says :

    Hey, you know what, Nurri’s giving a talk at Insa Art Space in Seoul in May, and we may layover at Narita for long enough to get into town and see some folks. Maybe that Keirin tour? : . )

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