m1 again

Now you know I’m not going to let a year go by without wishing you a happy marchFIRST.

May your reach ever exceed your grasp: else what’s a Heaven for?

P.S. Does anyone even remember enough about Monday to mock it? See, marchFIRST did achieve something!

4 responses to “m1 again”

  1. Ben Kraal says :

    Remember Monday? I *worked* there at the time, fresh out of University — and with nothing to do as it was 2000 (tech crash) and it was Brisbane, Australia, and there was NO WORK.

    The genius marketroids bought monday.com but didn’t buy monday.co.uk. Hilarity ensued.

    And then I quit when they said I could continue having nothing to do (ie, be pushed) or I could move interstate to work in a call-centre doing 2nd/3rd level tech support for SAP/ABAP. How about NO.

  2. speedbird says :

    OMG, Ben, that’s too funny, especially in light of my own experiences at marchFIRST descendant DentsuFuse in Tokyo. (Buy me a beer sometime and I’ll tell you another forgot-to-buy-the-domain story, this one with a six-figure punchline.)

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