Corefully getting into podcasting

Confirming this for all three of you who asked: yes, I am joining a splendid crew in Core77’s Broadcasts series of podcasts. We decided that my first joint will be a field report from famed molecular-gastronomy bistro el Bulli in Seville, so keep a weather eye (ear?) out.

This marks my first collaboration of any sort with the folks at Core, and I’ve got to admit to being pretty stoked, longtime fan that I am. (In at least one case, way longtime. You may know Cordy Swope as a design strategist; to me, he’ll always be the bassist for seminal Philly Buddhacore unit Ruin.)

Anybody got an idea for a ‘cast, or think you’d make a good interviewee? Drop a line.

6 responses to “Corefully getting into podcasting”

  1. Chris says :

    I was about to go bright green with envy… but whilst the Seville outpost of El Bulli will be totally awesome, and very interesting, it isn’t *the* El Bulli, in Roses. They are known for serving the highlights of El Bulli’s archive of recipes, though, so I can’t wait for the video.

  2. Steve Portigal says :

    Adam – can’t wait to see/hear your piece. We’re a diverse bunch, for sure….

  3. speedbird says :

    Oh, no video, sorry…don’t want to break anybody’s screens, now. : . )

    And I had no idea that isn’t *the* el Bulli. Dang. I guess I’m just not up on my gastrophysicalutionary hot spots.

  4. Chris says :

    The Chef at the hotel worked at El Bulli for many years, and you’ll be getting the greatest hits, which is no bad thing – I have the cookbooks, and there’s hundreds of treats in there. Take lots of photos, and if you can get them to show you things like spherification, it will be amazing (it’s a lot harder than they make it look).

  5. Vidiot says :

    Oooooh, you lucky dog. Take pictures.

    (have you been to any of its brethren on these shores?)

  6. speedbird says :

    Nope. I’m both a trifle skeptical, and a lot broke.

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