Friday grab bag o’ links

– After a conversation with Mr. Varnelis yesterday, it looks like my idea for a piece on the 25 biggest interaction-design clichés may be headed for greater things. Stay tuned. (Also worth checking out as an indicator of Things To Come here, there and interstitially: his No Stop New York.)

– House extensions, street-furniture hammocks, guerrilla benches, and other interventions in public space made entirely of duct tape and polyethylene film, awww yeah. (You know I’m a sucker for anything that reads “download instruction for own reappropriation in your neighborhood.”) Link courtesy Nicolas Nova, who must also be congratulated on his recent acquisition of a Ph. D.

– Love it when stuff like this happens. Yuri, I applaud you for your willingness to show up and argue the merits of your piece.

– Here’s an end-to-end use case for air travel composed entirely of pictos. Mmm.

– Happy to see our class blog for Urban Computing make Bruce Sterling’s roundup on Wired. Last night’s class (on “Market”) was hot – truly, one of those things that redeems all the effort and worry.

– Not exactly sure what’s going on here…but I like it. This one, too.

– Some nice writing on Hong Kong.

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