Everyware at LIFT

Hey hey, the video of my presentation at LIFT is now up. (My response? Man, I sure do need to lose some weight.)

UPDATE: Oh, you actually want to hear something about the content?

This is a very slightly updated and refined version of my stock Everyware talk. It probably isn’t going to reward the effort to sit through it if you’ve seen me speak any time in the last year and a half, but if you haven’t it’s not such a bad précis of my concerns. Especially given how incredibly jetlagged I was.

One response to “Everyware at LIFT”

  1. Joshua Ellis says :

    Heh. I will make you feel better: http://dewy.fem.tu-ilmenau.de/CCC/23C3/video/23C3-1461-en-the_grim_meathook_future.m4v

    That leather sofa on the stage is, uh, me, actually.

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