Things I’m learning in Spain

1. If it can be enjoyed after it’s gone cold, it can justly be called “tapas.” If it must be seized and savored while hot, it is not-tapas, no matter how tapastular it looks. This I did not know.

2. J.G. Ballard must have written Vermilion Sands during or soon after a stay at the el Bulli Hotel Hacienda Benazuza. Must have. (I have drained swimming pool pics as evidence.)

3. There really are some awfully nice folks at this conference. Too many to list ’em all, but I need to single out Richard Harper, Steven Kyffin, Scott Jenson, Bill Gaver and Yvonne Rogers for their contributions.

4. Rooms with private outdoor hot tubs are USELESS and WORSE THAN USELESS when travelling alone. I always miss Nurri when I hit the road, and now more than ever.

And that’s what I’ve learned so far in Spain.

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