Favorite search requests for 1Q2007

The following strings were used to find this site during the first three months of this year. Comments have been appended.

interesting things and explain their use
If you’re reduced to searching Google for that, I’m afraid neither I nor anyone else can help you.

neil barrett’s clothes
Are put on one leg at a time, same as anyone else’s.

what is Starbucks role of customers?
To buy stuff, presumably, same as everywhere else…

“old school” porn manga
This what you’re looking for?

“better than pitchfork”
Well, yes. But less focused.

i’m in the hour of the wolf
I’m sorry to hear that.

not so strong with sangria
See above.

why are men gendered
Your guess is as good as mine. Not that I’m complaining.

flow diagram of production of skateboard
Why? You planning to open up a factory in China?

things to know about a product
Too many to list here.

Join us in ninety days, for another snarktacular edition of Favorite Search Requests.

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