Tour the unfriendly skies

Apparently we get an A380 promotional overflight day after tomorrow. You know I’ll have an eye peeled.

3 responses to “Tour the unfriendly skies”

  1. Chris McEvoy says :

    The wings are made in my hometown Bristol and the workers are worried.

    PS. They also made Concorde in Bristol.

    Do you know why it has got an ‘e’ on the end?

  2. speedbird says :

    Crap! No! I don’t!

    I mean, I can imagine – but I’d like to know the real story, and I can’t get that Real Media link to work.

  3. Chris McEvoy says :

    The BBC have removed the link!

    Here is an extract from an article by Tony Benn that tells the story.

    The original plan was that both the French and English Concordes would be spelled thus, with an “e”. But Macmillan had been insulted by De Gaulle on one visit; De Gaulle had said he had a cold and couldn’t see him. So Macmillan came back and removed the “e” from the end. When I went to Toulouse for the [French] roll-out in 1969, I decided to put it back again. We had to have the same name for the same aircraft, and besides, it was reversing an insult to the French, which I wasn’t in favour of.
    I didn’t tell anybody I was planning to do it, but once I had announced it in Toulouse, they couldn’t do anything about it. I said: “E stands for excellence, for England, for Europe and for the entente cordiale.” I might have added “E stands for escalation,” because, of course, it was very expensive, but I didn’t say that at the time.,3604,1064752,00.html

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