“Tokyo Blues” roundup/talk announcement

Hey, I just noticed that Nurri got a shout-out from Cameron Sinclair in this Worldchanging piece on the space of homelessness – right on.

It’s a nice excuse to announce that she’ll be giving a talk at Insa Art Space in Seoul in May, to coincide with an exhibition of her “Tokyo Blues” series there, specific date TBA shortly. I’ll be headed over immediately after Pervasive and XTech, to help her mount the show and generally fulfill my responsibilities as President of the Nurri Kim Fan Club. Hope to see all our Korean friends there!

PS: There’s also a chance we’ll be able to work in a rapid tactical incursion Tokyo-wise. For chrissakes, Narita’s like an hour and $150 away. Let this serve as your warning. : . )

One response to ““Tokyo Blues” roundup/talk announcement”

  1. Paul says :

    Please make sure to let us know!

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