Thanks for coming out last night

I just want to thank everyone who made last night’s talk and panel so rewarding. It’s always great to speak before a hometown crowd, of course – there are so many friendly faces, and the energy in the room is there from the very beginning – but last night was unusually good for that.

And this, in turn, helps to finesse the inevitable surprises that crop up the first time you present a given block of material. First time out is always interesting, because it’s only in the course of actually giving the talk that you see where you’ve assumed or suggested connections that might need to be made more explicit, and maybe even where the presentation actually wants to go. In this case, it wasn’t until the last question of the evening that some of what I wanted to talk about came into focus – many thanks to the guy who asked about open-source architecture, whoever you may be!

The evening wouldn’t have been what it was without Mike Essl and Emily Roz at Cooper Union, who put so much of themselves into the event. Of course, it’s always a huge privilege to share the stage with the likes of Christina Ray, David Benjamin, Soo-In Yang, Kevin Slavin and Kazys Varnelis, who are all in their own ways inspirations to me. And, again, it was wonderful to see so many of you there, especially those of you I’d never met in person before.

As far as the presentation goes, I’m going to keep at this one: keep refining it, pushing it, letting it find its own center and make its own connections. The Everyware talks never did get good until I had been giving them awhile, and I expect the same is true here. I can’t wait to see what this material looks like in a year.

3 responses to “Thanks for coming out last night”

  1. Andrew Lange says :

    Great talk last night – It’s really intriguing to think about present and future ways to integrate technology into the heart and soul of a city, and to examine the impact that has not only on individuals, but interactions. I had a great time (and I know the people sitting around me did as well). Thanks again to you, and the panel.

    (And thanks for the post about it on MeFi, without which I never would have known about it – some of us do appreciate it when things like this show up there)

  2. speedbird says :

    Heh. Super glad you came, Andrew, and that that post redeemed itself.

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