So it goes


6 responses to “So it goes”

  1. igj says :

    Sad to say…and sad today.

    I can distinctly remember how amazingly relevant he felt to my life in 1985. And it is nice to see that, even in death, he can bring out the puerile in many people (

  2. Christopher Fahey says :

    Montana Wildhack, the girlfriend-in-the-other-dimension character in SH5, is based very closely on my wife’s aunt (and my wife’s namesake) Mig, who was a young friend/lover of Kurt Vonnegut back in Indiana. He didn’t even change her last name, which became Wildhack when, after serving as a WAVE in the war she married a local bon vivant instead of KV. Mig died a few years ago, but I had the pleasure of meeting her and seeing some of the same strange energy that KV saw.

    And Sol LeWitt died just a few days ago, too.

  3. speedbird says :

    Never mind being beloved far and wide as the wry conscience of a generation, I’ll be delighted if I’m remembered as “a local bon vivant.”

  4. Christopher Fahey says :

    The story goes on, not so delightfully: Bill Wildhack, the aforementioned bon vivant blew his brains out in the Indianapolis house he designed himself, leaving a bullet hole in the ceiling of his weird copper-clad bathroom. We still visit this house every other Christmas, and the hole is still there. Mr. Wildhack is a family legend because this hole forever permitted generations of young ‘uns to peer down on guests visiting the loo. Its a colorful tale, but her husband’s suicide kinda ruined Mig’s life.

  5. speedbird says :

    Oh, that’s great. Because, y’know, today wasn’t depressing enough already.

  6. Vidiot says :

    Lucky me, lucky mud.

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