Quick! The modo signal!

Anybody out there work on the modo, especially its interaction design, or know anyone who did? For all that modo got wrong, it also got a tremendous amount of very difficult things about mobile/urban service design right, and I’d like to talk to whoever was responsible.

(Question prompted by the years-belated realization that the very pleasant guy responsible for above tribute page – the same who contacted me regarding our shared modo fetish circa 2001 – was none other than area/code’s newest hire, Dennis Crowley.)

5 responses to “Quick! The modo signal!”

  1. Eric Rodenbeck says :

    I worked on the website, but not the product. I’ll poke around, see if I can find the work; it was the first time I’d tried 3d interactive flash and the project almost killed me :)

  2. Eric Rodenbeck says :

    right, here it is:

    ouch. be gentle on me, it was a long time ago…

  3. speedbird says :

    Jesus H. Particular Christ, it is a small world.

  4. nicolas says :

    and I happen to know the CTO, who was at LIFT (we organize a workshop together….)… small world again

  5. speedbird says :

    Really? This was Bill Cockayne? Hmm.

    So here’s the deal: I think there’s room for, uh, Modo 2.0. And I want a hand in it, having been one of the four people who shelled out for Modo the first time around. You think I should ping him?

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