Speaking at the Royal Society of London, 17-18 Mar 2008

I’ve been looking for an excuse to get back to London for quite some time now, and as excuses go it sure doesn’t get any better than this: I’ve been invited to give a paper on the social and ethical implications of ubiquitous computing at a Discussion Meeting of the Royal Society next March.

It’s an honor. It’s a privilege. Even as one of many participants in a Discussion Meeting, let me assure you, the pleasure is all mine. I think I danced Nurri around the house a few times. It’s better than sitting down to a fresh pot of Kona and an uncracked Ellroy, better’n the growl of a Desmodue in the next block, better still than the smell of frangipani after the monsoon rains. (My more worldly friends, y’all go ‘head and crack a smile, it’s all good.)

So you’ll come, right? I mean, I don’t know how admission works at these things, but we’ve got plenty of time to figure it out. But for all too many hours betwixt Heathrow’s Terminals 3 and 4, I haven’t set foot in the UK since the summer of ’98. It’s about time.

9 responses to “Speaking at the Royal Society of London, 17-18 Mar 2008”

  1. Steph says :

    Well, it’s not for eleven months, and it’s on St Patrick’s day, but I’ll certainly hop on a plane for fourty-five minutes if it’s feasible. Do post up some more details/how to apply for a ticket in due course…

  2. Rob says :

    Great news. With that much notice I’ll have no excuse. See you there.

  3. David says :

    I’ve booked my place! Really looking forward to this …

  4. Jamie says :

    Must have been your cite in The Economist that clinched it. Large congratulations, twice over. (See if you can go for the UK trifecta this week by somehow getting mentioned during Prime Minister’s Question time.)

  5. Andy Piper says :

    Wow, that’s long enough notice huh.
    /me goes off to look for the upcoming.org event entry…

  6. George says :

    Extreme Congratulations! I guess I’ll have to renew my lapsed Royal Society membership now… Of course, the most important thing is to have some time to drink real ale while you’re over there.

  7. Dan says :

    How did I miss this? Oh that’s right I was migrating my family :)

    I *will* be there. very nice. The Royal Society. Brilliant.

  8. Ellen Greenfield says :

    Oy – my son, the Royal Society speaker! I will be there – save me a seat!!! Love Mom

  9. speedbird says :

    LOL, you bet!

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