Grab bag o’ links for the week of Monday, 07 May 2007

– You can enjoy the work of our Urban Computing students (and their equally diligent peers) at the ITP Spring Show 2007 starting tomorrow evening.

– Kazys Varnelis has been serializing his ambitious, accessible Rise of Network Culture. You’ll want to start here.

– Just a reminder: you really, really don’t want to miss Dan Hill and crew holding forth for five days of urbanist goodness down at Storefront, under the Postopolis! aegis.

– Jan Chipchase reminds us that blue is the color of becoming.

– Via Jamie, a recommendation for Bill Viola’s Works from The Tristan Project, through 15 May at James Cohan Gallery. Though it must be admitted he’s been a little hit or miss these last few years, Viola’s mid-late 90’s work was nothing short of numinous – odds are this is well worth your time.

– And it looks like Dan’s not the only friend swinging through town for a rare visit while I’m gone? Dang and double dang.

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