NYC bike notes: Holy crap, that’s aggressive

Via Streetsblog, here’s a timely warning (complete with vivid picture) that new NYC bike racks may not be up to the task of keeping your ride where you last left it.

As someone who’s lost no fewer than five bikes to malefactors in the last twenty years (and three of those fully and properly secured with the toughest available, NYC-grade Kryptonite lock at the time of their theft), I’ve always understood that there are limits to how trustworthy any mooring is. There’s always a chance, when you tuck your helmet under your arm and walk away, that you’ll come back to nothing but little curls of shattered lock on the sidewalk – but this is ridiculous. The point of failure shouldn’t be the rack itself.

Almost – almost – makes me wonder if the weak-ass rack wasn’t simply an elaborate ruse on the part of motivated thieves. Y’know: emplace a plausible-looking rack, wait until it’s filled up with sweet rides, knock rack over…PROFIT. I guess that’s what a few years in PSYOP will do to your mind.

Anyway, let the rider beware. Riding this town was already enough of a challenge before some joker threw this contingency into the mix.

3 responses to “NYC bike notes: Holy crap, that’s aggressive”

  1. Rian says :

    Yikes. You always have to wonder what motivates a bike thief to go to such lengths.

    Came across this video recently, Hal Grades You Bike Locking, it s a classic.

    Hal seems to think that street signs, unless abnormally tall, are bad bike anchors as well. Thieves can just remove the sign and slide the bike, lock and all, up and off the pole.

    So how much safer is “secure” bike parking?

  2. speedbird says :

    Rian, I suspect that happens a lot more often than we might think. We tend to look at things which are roughly at eye-level, and base our considerations of appropriateness primarily on girth and solidity.

    By my lights, Hal’s absolutely right to remind folks that there may in fact be little holding their chain to the chosen stanchion.

  3. Christopher Fahey says :

    This sort of damage is easy to accomplish with a motor vehicle — just back it up!. Said motor vehicle then being used to take the bike(s) away to be fenced.

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