One for the Museum of TV and Television

Quickly: just finished taping a brief interview with Reuters TV’s Laura Wells on everyware and privacy. The piece is scheduled to air sometime next week – more details as I get ’em. How many pounds does video add, again?

7 responses to “One for the Museum of TV and Television”

  1. David Sleight says :

    Depends on the codec. ;-)

  2. igj says :

    The MTR is now unhelpfully known as the Paley Center…but I would still be completely thrilled to be able to view your (slim) visage at the one in Beverly Hills.

  3. Vidiot says :

    If this is gonna be on the main RTV international feeds, I might be able to grab a copy for you, assuming they’re not giving you one.

  4. speedbird says :

    Oooh: yes please!

  5. Vidiot says :

    Lemme know when it’s likely to air.

  6. speedbird says :

    Ostensibly, “next week.” I’d be super grateful if you actually do manage to grab this – I’m not even sure if any of the channels we get carry Reuters content.

  7. Vidiot says :

    Okay, I’ll keep an eye out on the feeds. If you hear anything more specific than “next week”, drop me a line.

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