On NPR’s Morning Edition Monday 23 July

Do you know, I don’t actually know whether or not NPR’s Morning Edition is a live show. If it is, dag, I guess I’m gonna be on tomorrow morning during the 10.00 hour Eastern time. Otherwise, it’s taped, and I’ll have to let you know when the segment will air.

I figured I’d give you a heads-up either way. : . )

UPDATE: The segment will air on Morning Edition Monday the 23rd. Check your local NPR station for more information on just when Morning Edition appears in your neck of the woods.

SECOND UPDATE: Or you could just listen to this. They’ve made one or two odd edits, but overall I’m not displeased with the way this came out.

2 responses to “On NPR’s Morning Edition Monday 23 July”

  1. igj says :

    ah… I’m fairly certain you WILL be au courant this fall, Nordy ad or no Nordy ad.

  2. speedbird says :

    One tries. : . )

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