Boosting Everyware

As a first-time author, I’ve by and large been pleasantly surprised by how well Everyware tends to do. I had absolutely no expectations going in, so it’s been really gratifying to see it find a solid (and crucially, an influential) audience. Sales have been modest, at best, in absolute terms, but I often feel like I’m living out the old Brian Eno saw about the Velvets, i.e. that only a hundred people ever bought their records, but every last one of them went out and started a band. Those of you who have bought it are an accomplished bunch, I can tell you that much.

Having said that, of course, it would really be nice to, y’know, shift some actual units. So if it wouldn’t put you out overmuch, I’m wondering if I couldn’t ask you to do me a favor. Here’s what I had in mind: I thought, since the book has in the past appeared on Amazon’s Bestsellers in Technology & Society list, it might be nice to see it place there again. In fact, if for no other reason than that it would help sell my next book proposal to publishers, I’d really like to be able to say that Everyware was at one point Amazon’s top seller in Technology & Society.

This isn’t Oprah’s Book Club territory, mind you. Given the relatively low volumes involved, if ten or fifteen of you order it in the next twenty-four hours or so, I think this goal is entirely achievable. (I believe that ordering used copies counts as well.) So if you’ve got the budget and the inclination, I’d surely appreciate it if you could take this opportunity to pick up a copy of Everyware, either for yourself or for someone else you think might benefit from giving it a read.

You know you’ll have my gratitude, and if you’re the kind of people I think you are, you’ll also have a book you’ll really enjoy – if for no other reason than to sink your teeth into arguing with. It’s what the marketing folks call (cough) a “win-win.” See you on the bestseller lists! ; . )

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