Global flânerie: Fall 2007 travel schedule

You’ll have to get Dopplrized for the full and gory details, but the following is in rough schematic a manifest of the public appearances I’ll be making over the next month and a half or so:

– On the 12th of September, I’m speaking at a special free LIFT event at COEX in Seoul. I always have a great time in Seoul, and suspect this will prove to be no exception. Do come out and say hi, and we’ll go to Bongeunsa across the street afterward or something. (Better yet: it’s my secret plan to inveigle Laurent and Bruce and whoever else wants to come into coming with me to Harimgak, our favorite jimjilbang.)

– Airlines willing, I’ll be back in NYC in time to speak on a panel Mark Shepard’s putting together for this year’s Conflux, which is really going to be something special.

– The end of the month sees me in Amsterdam for PICNIC – I’ll be speaking on the morning of the 28th. How could early fall in Amsterdam not be a good thing?

– I’m back in NYC a good 48 hours before I depart for this year’s Ci’Num, the culmination of a three-year process, and the first one at which I’ll have books en français to offer. Again, my previous visits to Margaux have been delightful, and I’m sure the folks at AEC and la FING are whipping up something impressive for the grand finale.

There may be more – I’m still waiting to hear about one other significant speaking engagement this fall. Otherwise, I do hope and expect to see you at one or more of the above events.

5 responses to “Global flânerie: Fall 2007 travel schedule”

  1. Andrew says :

    Sounds absolutely punishing, but totally fantastic anyway.

  2. igj says :

    sounds like the city that is NYC will not be yours to use, unfortunately.

  3. stavrosthewonderchicken says :

    You didn’t get back to memail with your Seoul schedule, but ah well. Sadly, there’s no way I’ll be able to get up to Seoul on the 12th or thereabouts. Deferred drinks, 다시.

  4. speedbird says :


    No matter, we’ll be back in Korea in the spring. (I hear rumors to the effect that the full LIFT program includes a jaunt down to Chejudo, which would be crazy fantastic – neither of us have ever been, and we have visions of diving in crystalline waters, etc.)

  5. stavrosthewonderchicken says :

    Cheju’s way nice. I’m thinking of buying some land, building a house and retiring there, if I don’t eventually stumble into some kind of gainful employment back in the Homeland.

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