The Speedbird year

Realized the other day, with a bit of a start, that it’s been a year since I launched Speedbird – initially as an experiment in stealth blogging, maturing in time into my primary outlet on the Web.

What can I say? I’m for the most part delighted with WordPress, still tickled pink by my decision to go with a bog-standard, design-free default template, and gratified that most of you who made up the audience for v-2 seem to have found your way over here.

I still worry from time to time that what I post here kinda sucks – specifically, that it isn’t terribly interesting to anyone who doesn’t already know me pretty well, and that it all-too-often degenerates into lists of where and when I’m speaking – but that’s OK too. If this site has an organizing principle, it’s “dare to be suboptimal.” And as any former SAS man call tell you, Who Dares Wins.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the past year of Speedbird. I sure have.

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