Fall travel update: DUX in a row

Just confirmed that I’ll be speaking at DUX 2007 in Chicago during the first week of November, at a time TBD – I’m thinking this will be a “City Is Here For You To Use” talk.

That’s pretty cool, no? Man, not counting hubbing through ORD, I haven’t been to Chicago but one day of my life, and that in 1981. Maybe drove past on the Interstate once or twice. This needs rectification. Who’s got suggestions for Chicagoland things to do and see?

10 responses to “Fall travel update: DUX in a row”

  1. Steve Portigal says :

    Cloudgate (?) aka The Bean at Millennium Park. Art as immersive experience, reframe, and context magnet.

    [I don’t know what that means but hopefully it sounds inspiring enough to encourage you to check it out]

  2. speedbird says :

    It’s the Anish Kapoor piece, no? I’m there!

  3. jz says :

    I’ll be there, too, so we can hang out. I’ll take you to the Seminary Co-Op bookstore, and maybe we’ll hit Prairie Avenue as well.

  4. speedbird says :

    Totally fabulous.

  5. Jen Trulock says :

    Love Chicago – do wacky touristy things, too, like having a drink at the top of the Sears Tower, walk along the lake and see Navy Pier (it’ll be cold…), people-watch on Michigan Ave, eat dinner at the Weber Grill restaurant where everything is cooked on giant Weber grills, and notice how everyone is really tall, big-boned, and (often) blond.

  6. Brian Kenny says :

    take the submarine tour at the museum of science and industry. you can take the L to the airport and then go outside the terminal 1 min walk across the street and catch the local city bus to the science museum. very efficiently, come back on the bus from the museum, but hop off at the green line instead of going all the way back to the airport, and then you can head north and back into downtown. the submarine tour is really excellent. then rent a dvd of das boot and watch it in your hotel room

  7. Vidiot says :

    Jazz Record Mart is phenomenal. The Architecture Foundation walking and boat tours (yes, even in the wintertime) are great, and I haven’t been there yet but so wanna visit Hot Doug’s.

  8. speedbird says :

    Holy Jayzus! That may just require a visit. Hooah.

  9. kathryn says :

    In addition to Hot Doug’s, what about Kuma’s Corner?


  10. speedbird says :

    I am detecting a certain trend in the food options with which I am being presented.

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