Wish me luck

Duathlon‘s tonight. My 39-year-old ass’ll need all the love and support you’ve got to spare. : . )

7 responses to “Wish me luck”

  1. Anne says :

    Good luck!

  2. padawan says :

    Bonne chance :-)

  3. igj says :

    As my family would say, “sok szerencsĂ©t!”

  4. speedbird says :

    That’s three languages in three comments, hooah! I am Feeling The Love.

  5. mike says :

    How did it go? Or are you still out pedaling? :)

  6. speedbird says :

    Didn’t do quite as well as I had hoped – results here – but much more importantly had an absolute blast, and succeeded in my primary goal of not finishing DFL.

    Thanks for all the love and support, y’all. It definitely maintained me. (The next thing I have to figure out is why 1.09 of this du hammered me so, when I run hourlong workouts all the dang time with no untoward consequences.)

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