I really want to thank everyone for the palpable waves of support you sent me for yesterday’s duathlon, my first in something like fifteen years.

It was not, I must say, the prettiest race of my life. I finished like a grabasstic fatbody, well behind center-mass of the pack, but you’ve gotta know that didn’t even matter. Prospect Park is never lovelier than in the half-hour either side of dark, and that’s just when we raced; between the gentle evening air, the stridulant song of crickets through the long tunnel of trees, and the good loneliness of pushing the bike out the far end of the loop, it was nothing short of a peak experience.

True, I did come to regret racing a single-speed messenger bike, with its race-suboptimal gear ratio, against all the Spandexed folks on their three-kilo unobtanium-fiber dreammachines – I probably gave five minutes to that one choice, easy – but overall the evening was so much awsum. Much love to Chris Fahey for making this happen, the organizers for putting on a rather lo-fi, unpretentious sort of event…and of course and as always my Nurri, who showed up just before the starting horn with a garland of balloons, a camera, and a huge smile for those about to rock.

You know what? I could totally go for another.

6 responses to “Peak/ed”

  1. padawan says :

    Félicitations !

  2. Christopher Fahey says :

    I can’t imagine how I would have done had I not had a variety of gears at my disposal for the bike loops. Kudos for kickin’ it messenger style. But if we’re gonna do this again, you’ll have to get a geared bike. I, for one, spent my morning commute drooling over the carbon-fiber in the free Triathlete magazine they gave out.

  3. plemeljr says :

    Dude, you did that on a fixie? That’s freaking balls, man.

    Repeat: balls.

    I almost always have trouble on that last hill before the Plaza turnout. Congrats, man!

  4. speedbird says :

    Heh, thanks. Yeah, it was challenging, I won’t lie. My quads were pretty mad with me afterward. : . )

  5. Abe Burmeister says :

    man that’s awesome. I’d totally do it if there was no running involved!

    People here seem to have some serious misconceptions on what it takes to ride a fix. There is nothing in Prospect Park that remotely calls for the use of gears. Have a crazy geared bike might make the difference between say placing 1st instead of 4th, but if the goal is to make a good personal time and keep up with the pack, a fixed gear in the right ratio is as good or better than much of what’s out there. As Adam pointed out the real issue is the gear ratio. You want to be around 80 gear inches on a fix and probably even higher on a singlespeed. Anything less and you’ll need some Armstrong quality spinning skills to keep the pace…

    As for this messenger style thing, uh most messengers rided geared bikes and most people you see riding fixed are not messengers…

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