In & out burgher

I’m back in NYC for just a little bit over 48 hours before I leave for Seoul on Monday, so it’s the usual drill of laundry, bill-paying and squaring away loose ends for me. Not so much fun, if truth be told: these rapid transitions are draggus maximus. (On the other hand, it will be very, very nice to sleep in my own bed tonight.)

In the meantime, in news that will make sense to precisely six members of this site’s audience, I just want to wish Comrade Alice hearty congratulations and a speedy recovery in having at long last made her own personal Great Leap Forward. Here’s looking at you, kid.

2 responses to “In & out burgher”

  1. matt says :

    I think the title of this blog post maks my ‘top 10 puns of all time’ list.

  2. speedbird says :

    That’s really saying something. I pronounce myself honored.

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