Hi! Seoul

(And yes, sadly, that is the city’s official marketing slogan – possibly the world’s most insipid and least persuasive, especially given what this place actually has on offer. Still and all, it may actually show more verve than Incheon Airport’s curiously flat claim of being “A World Best Air Hub.”)

Touchdown happened around quarter to six yesterday evening, whereupon I spent an hour and some on the limousine bus into the city proper, making link-up first with Nicolas and xtra-special surprise guest Mr. Bleecker, and eventually Laurent and the rest of the LIFT crew, Bruce and Jasmina, and Daum’s Jaewoong Lee.

The latter worthies opted to orgy out on something that looked a whole lot like Black Forest cake, in a would-be pâtisserie in the basement of the deserted LG Arts Center, but Nicolas, Julian and I chose instead to follow our noses straight to some appealingly cinnamony (!) fried chicken and the usual sweating mugs of Cass, somewhere down a forking alley that beckoned from across the way. (Have I mentioned how much I love this city?)

At any rate, it was the best kind of welcome back, or home, or “home”: take your pick. I actually got a decent night’s sleep, despite the errant wake-up call that stirred me from utterly decorticated slumber at 0520, and now I’m up in my room tightening up my presentation for tonight’s event.

I certainly hope to see you there. My talk should be fun, albeit compressed into a dicey 20 minutes – I hope to give a coherent version of the ninety-minute “City Is Here For You To Use” material, with the caveat that Seoulites are quite possibly the planet’s urbanists least in need of admonition to take and hold the space of the street. At any rate, we’ll be talking about ambient informatics in the urban context, read/write urbanism and whether it amounts to anything like genuine participation, the turn from psychogeography to schizogeography, and similar topics.

Please do swing by if you’re in town and so inclined. Beers after.

5 responses to “Hi! Seoul”

  1. Jun Lee says :

    Adam, missed the beer but enjoyed your presentation. Just wished you could have shown more examples of ambient informatics… At any rate thanks for stopping by in Seoul!

    PS. The V-2 site appears to be down

  2. speedbird says :

    Jun, glad you had a good time. I also wish I could have gotten deeper into things but, y’know, a 20-minute slot is a harsh mistress…

    Ah well. I’ll be back in town soon enough.

  3. Kyoung-Gu Woo says :

    Hi Adam.

    This is Kyoung-Gu who is the very chocalate winner yesterday. Can you remember? I guess there are not many people who enjoyed the conference more than me. :)

    I liked your talk very much because it mixed our life and technology in a tasty manner. The idea of yours to archive information upon physical worlds can be beneficial in a variety of ways, I think. In our company, we are also thinking about mixing the real life stuffs with virtual stuffs.

    In spite of too short of a time, it was very nice to hear your thoughts. I hope to hear your more insights in another chance soon.

    Best Regards.

    Senior Engineer / PH. D.
    Software Laboratories, CTO Division, Samsung Electronics.

  4. Kyoung-Gu Woo says :

    By the way, I perfectly agree that “Hi Seoul” is a lame slogan.

    Somebody suggested in a newapaper, I think 2 years ago, to make it “Seoul Soul”. Isn’t it much better? ^^

  5. speedbird says :

    Heh…well, it’s an improvement, anyway. ; . )

    So happy you enjoyed yourself, and congratulations on taking home some of that fine, fine Swiss chocolate!

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