…is, to a first order of approximation, the number of travel miles I’ve logged this year. Absolutely terrifying.

3 responses to “106,064”

  1. Chris says :

    That’s only 4 times round the earth. Sigh. I suspect my figure would be quite similar.

  2. Jamie Mowder says :

    Well, as previously has been foretold, You Will Go to the Moon. However, the authors did not explain exactly how you would.

    According to NASA, the average distance from the earth to the moon is approx. 238855 miles. You and Nurri live on a fourth floor, so we’ll assume that you’re a little closer. You have made it the equivalent of 44.405% of the way there already!

    I assume your “this year” to have begun on Jan. 1, 2007. That was 254 days ago. You are travelling at approx. 417.575 miles daily. (Please feel free to check my math.) You will need approx. 572 total days to reach the moon. If you maintain your current rate of speed and travel [!], I estimate that you will arrive approx. 318 days from now.

    Thus, You Will Go to the Moon on or around July 26, 2008. Please mark your calendar.

  3. speedbird says :

    Wow, that means if I speed up just a little, I can make it in time for July 20th, the 39th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing!

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