If you’re going to New York City…

…don’t bother wearing flowers in your hair: for no particular reason that I can discern, they’re all over the cabs.

They’re hideous. They completely undermine the crisp and immediately legible proposition that is Taxicab Yellow. Someone please make them stop.

6 responses to “If you’re going to New York City…”

  1. jimmyjax says :

    duh, if you’d bothered to read the article you’d know why.

  2. speedbird says :

    I suppose the art of high dudgeon is lost on you. ; . )

  3. Vidiot says :

    and really…who cares? The stated rationale is fuzzy-headed and lame. And kids are empowered by filling in the colors for something that someone else designed. Stay within the lines, kids, and maybe the taxi will stay within its lane and not careen over the curb or run down a lady in a wheelchair!

  4. Abe Burmeister says :

    huh? As a cyclist I love them, for whatever reason the flowered drivers seem much less aggressive and all around more pleasant. What in the world is there to hate about a bunch of flowers?

  5. AG says :

    Uh, ’cause they’re hideous? Not a thing against flowers, it’s the wretched implementation that primarily sets my teeth on edge.

    Plus: yr findings re: the nominally greater courtesy of garlanded drivers? Confirmation bias. Bet you a dollar.

  6. Abe Burmeister says :

    they are only hideous before you take the E Adam! These are the Balearic taxis, it’s the city’s attempt to keep up with the nu-rave fashion trends…

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