Friday night rounds: Storefront @ 25, LTL, and more

Minsuk Cho's hoopular dome

Last night was Storefront for Art and Architecture‘s 25th anniversary party, symbolized by an iconic dome by Minsuk Cho in Petrosino Park just across the street. Storefront has always been one of my top two or three favorite venues, and they’re celebrating the anniversary with an extraordinary run of projects over the next month, almost every single last one of which I will miss.

I would really try to see as many of these as possible: the event sounds a little bit like Conflux, drawn out across four weeks. (The upcoming show on Danish high-density living also sounds pretty hooah.)

You’ve got to know that there is not one single thing wrong with drinking beer with friends under a dome of glow-in-the-dark hula hoops in the middle of an intersection on a warm evening just after the end of summer. I spent most of my time talking with Mark Shepard, super-talented designer/artist Andrea Blum, and one or two other folks. Randy from grubbykid regaled us with hair-raising tales of designing for a certain vaguely sleazy, vertically-integrated clothing manufacturer, and it was great to see Jessica Blaustein from the Van Alen Institute sporting the same impeccable grey Prada boots I last saw her in, at the Architecture and Situated Technologies symposium last October.

Eventually, Mark and I bugged out uptown to the jampacked party at atelier Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis, where, big surprise, we saw a decent swath of the selfsame people – funny how that works. What I did not expect was that it was by and large a much younger crowd up there, gathered to toast LTL’s publication of their new monograph Opportunistic Architecture. I don’t need to tell you that LTL is a practice on the ascendant, inna express stylee, and the book lays out just why this should be. Also, their cheese sticks were pretty great.

Nurri had meanwhile decamped to Yom Kippur services (and if I ever needed to ponder the sheer wonderful oddness of the 21st century we find ourselves in, I’d sit and wonder just how it was that my (a) Korean (b) wife would be attending atoning at an LGBT synagogue). Mark and I, non-atoners, grabbed a late dinner at Tiffin Wallah, which is so very nicely done that it almost, almost might have been an LTL project…and way tasty besides.

At any rate: hearty congratulations to both LTL and Storefront, two institutions I believe in and am proud to share a hometown with. You guys are all, collectively, fighting the good fight, and it’s quite a thing to see.

2 responses to “Friday night rounds: Storefront @ 25, LTL, and more”

  1. Enrique Ramirez says :

    Speaking of Danishness …. I spent a day at Bjarke Ingels’ office in August. I’m writing a feature about it for Archinect ….. keep your eyes peeled!

  2. Rob says :

    Look forward to hearing about the high density Danes. Hope you can visit and report back!

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