Bound for Bali, Margaux on my mind

So after having been home for less than two days, it’s off into the wild blue yonder again. This time I’m headed out to Bali, which isn’t nearly as much fun as it sounds like.

Of course, the third installment of Ci’Num is going to be happening in Margaux at the same time I’m so far away. Between the annual discussions in Margaux and the summer ’06 workshop in Tokyo, Ci’Num and the people who make it what it is have been a big part of my life these last two years, and I’m more than a little sad not to be there as the long process pulls into its home stretch.

I want to offer my congratulations, especially, to Daniel, Daniel and Hervé on seeing their ambitious vision successfully through to completion, and express my wish that we’ll get to work together again in some new and similarly venturesome context before too long.

Meanwhile, tons of stuff to tell you about when I get back, including highlights of Picnic, thoughts about reinventing an old Provo project as ambient service, an announcement of an exciting project Mark Shepard and I have been working on, and the usual grab-bag of random rants and whatnot. Have a great time in the meanwhile and I’ll yammer atcha soon.

2 responses to “Bound for Bali, Margaux on my mind”

  1. Isaac says :

    Were you in PICNIC, too? I just came back from Ci’Num, say hello.

  2. speedbird says :

    Yes, I was. In the space of about two weeks, I was at LIFT in Seoul, PICNIC in Amsterdam, and then the Nokia event in Bali – with NYC in between each time.

    How was Ci’Num? I miss those guys.

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