Oh, and the crowning irony?

My flight back from Amsterdam on Saturday hubbed through Frankfurt.
My flight out to Bali today hubs through…Frankfurt.

Rarely have I so soon again visited a place I like less than FRA. It’s the kind of airport where (quite seriously) you have twenty-five minutes to negotiate 1500 meters of corridors, a change of three levels, passing through passport control and an additional security gantlet. Where the lines are invariably long and where – natürlich, this being Germany – nobody gets to skip ahead in them no matter how much sooner their flight departs than every last soul in front of them. Order over logic every dang time.

The Mustache, as is his wont, is belatedly waking up to the fact that US infrastructure sucks. Bully for him – but alas, points off for not realizing that infrastructure means practices as well as spaces and technical systems. Doctrinaire inflexibility to the point of unreason can quite easily make an airport suck just as much as moldy jetways and shite renovations.

One response to “Oh, and the crowning irony?”

  1. slavin says :

    hey, that airport had a nightclub in it that — being outside German municipal jurisdiction — was the center of a lot of people’s lives in the early 90s. It’s where Sven Vath’s techno came out, and a lot of people went into.

    Used to be you would go there to catch, e.g., a Sunday morning return flight, and the airport would be a clean mix of tourists with luggage, businessmen with early (bulky!) laptops, all mixed up with a million kids wandering around in an ecstasy haze, sucking on lollipops.

    Some of us were going somewhere, others were arriving, and some were just taking trips.

    I’ll be in that airport in a few hours, for a few minutes. I do miss it.

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