Prius limo: Proper.

Not too long ago, I ran the numbers on how often I engage my local car service to take me to the airport. The answer, it turned out, was something depressing like thirty times a year, plus or minus three – making me wish, inevitably, that Dial 7 had a frequent-flier program of their own.

There are a great many things that are less than ideal about this set-up, but one of the most galling is the utter hegemony of Lincoln Town Cars in the NYC car-service market. As off-brand as the Town Car is, you sure don’t see many alternatives hereabouts – there doesn’t seem to be an Addison Lee here, at least not in any price bracket I can afford. That’s why I sure do hope this isn’t a hobbyist’s one-off.

How cool would that be, pulling up to Terminal 1 Departures in a long, low, silent black car? Something that looked a whole hell of a lot more attractive than an old-school Town Car, and was at least nominally better for the environment into the bargain? I’d pay, jeez, a 10% premium for a service like that, and I can’t be the only one. Something tells me there’s a business model here for a canny entrepreneur.

5 responses to “Prius limo: Proper.”

  1. Chris says :

    A lot of us use the taxi company greentomato in the UK – silver Priuses (with slightly garish green vinyl tomatoes on the side). Not sure how much help it is compared to the flight; plus the arguments over the cradle-to-grave co2 savings on the Prius.

  2. robertogreco says :

    I’m miles away from NYC, but I remember reading about OZOcar somewhere. They’re not stretch and they’re not black, but they are Priuses/Prii (also Lexus hybrids) and they have a “high-speed wireless connection provided in every car.”

  3. speedbird says :

    robertogreco, THANK YOU!

    OZOcar looks incredibly well suited to our needs, and I’m going to give them a try on my very next trip. They’re just a smidge more than I ordinarily pay, but really, just a bit north of the 10% premium I said I’d be willing to part with. The WiFi actually makes a difference, too, because it converts “stuck on the BQE” to “able to do something other than fret about missing my flight.”

    Now if only they did come in black. : . )

    At any rate, much gratitude – I never would have heard of them otherwise.

  4. Abe Burmeister says :

    heh, actually I would have told you just now….

    Tamara Giltsoff from live | work is over there now, I’d expect more interesting stuff from them down the line.

  5. Abe Burmeister says :

    that said though, personally I find taking the LIRR easier and smoother than a car, provided of course that you travel pretty light (and out of JFK). Nothing takes the edge off the whole airport rigmarole than cracking open a beer on the train as you begin your journey. In peak times it’s also significantly faster than taking a car.

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