At thanksgiving we pause

Y’know, Thanksgiving is the one American holiday I can relate to almost unreservedly. Putting aside, for the moment, my usual cynicism about stage-managed emotion – never mind an awareness of the holiday’s genocidal roots that no tryptophan nod can quite banish entirely – it really is pretty amazing to have a space on the calendar devoted to celebrating those things for which we’re most grateful.

It’s been a huge year in my life – pivotal, really – and I have many, many people to thank for my continued good fortune. I take such joy and pride in knowing you all, and my only wish is that you know it and are somehow able to profit from it.

The following are all people I really, really need to thank:

– First, and I do mean first: Kevin Slavin for inviting me to teach a class with him, and thus opening all kinds of doors for me whether he knew it or not. I always hope you know just what an honor and an inspiration it is for me, Kevin.
– At ITP, Clay Shirky, Tom Igoe, George Agudow and all of our Urban Computing students, for their wisdom, patience and advice.
Chris Fahey, for Team Awesome.
– Teresa Tan and Frank Vial, for among other things so graciously offering us the sanctuary of their home.
Tom Coates, Mike Essl, Matt Biddulph, Christina Ray and Khai Truong for championing me to your various networks and/or otherwise helping make some unforgettable experiences possible;
Mark Shepard, for your continual generosity, good humor, and faith in me.
George Showman for many pleasant hours over the nineteen-by-nineteen grid, and much food for thought besides;
– Ben Cerveny, Timo Arnall, Bruce Sterling, Jan Chipchase, Genevieve Bell, Annalee Newitz, Julian Bleecker and Fabien Girardin for being such great travel buddies, above and beyond the constant inspiration and friendship. Similarly, Anne Larilahti for a few well-placed midnight Bintangs, and Andrew Otwell for being the mellowest possible roommate.
John Zapolski and Jennifer Cheung, for like the breezes and whatnot.
Kazys Varnelis, Bryan Boyer and Derek Lindner for understanding (not to mention sharing) my various couture fetishes;
Marc and Young-Hae for taking such good care of us whenever we touch down in Seoul;
– Stewart Brand, Peter Schwartz, Craig Denny, Cecilia Marinier and everyone at Monitor/GBN. It was kind of a thrill working with you.
Laurent Haug, Nicolas Nova, and Cristiana Bolli Freitas (and Jaewoong Lee in Seoul) for ski lessons, fondue, etc. ; . )
– Abi Sellen, Richard Harper, Yvonne Rogers and Tom Rodden, for El Bulli and everything after.
– Quite a few sharp folks I regrettably can’t name here, who understand why, and who know perfectly well how grateful I am to them.
– Wes Neff, Kyle Roth, and Rachel Moran at Leigh Bureau, and – OMG, I cannot overstate how huge this is – danah boyd for having introduced me to them in the first place. Endless bouquets, darlin’.

(UPDATE: Dag, you try to be comprehensive, and there’s always friends you overlook, without the slightest justification. Perils of posting late at night, I guess. Forgive, forgive.)

Above all, of course, my beloved Nurri Kim – who is, as you know, made of weapons-grade awsum. You remind me every last day how profoundly lucky I truly am.

10 responses to “At thanksgiving we pause”

  1. nicolas says :

    ski+fondue ;) ta

  2. Tom Coates says :

    Oh you old softie. Thanks!

  3. kazys varnelis says :

    I give thanks for closing tags.

  4. kazys varnelis says :

    and the possibility of posting images?

  5. speedbird says :

    Not on WordPress, pal. Sorree!

  6. kazys varnelis says :

    I give thanks to Drupal then! Encouraging you to come and post images in my comments…

  7. Julian Bleecker says :

    Ehh! Cheers! The feeling is mutual! Wonderful seeing you peculiar places! I’ll never forget the Buddha Watermelon Episode with you, Cris and Laurent!

  8. Essl says :

    You are welcome my friend. Thank you!

  9. slavin says :

    oh, but I just stumbled across this, and it illuminated an otherwise dark evening. There are plenty of days to be thankful besides the appointed ones, and the thanks are often — as in this case — mutual.

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