Bought the book, downloaded the app, took the plunge. Processing, here we come.

4 responses to “[Gulp]”

  1. Michal Migurski says :

    Awww yeah, excited to see what you come up with. Dan Shiffman has Processing hooked into the phone system, sounds like the makings of an everyware interactive prototyping scenario to me.

  2. speedbird says :

    Heh. I bet.

    Nurri’s got some pretty neat ideas for art that basically require us to ramp up to basic Processing + Arduino competency. And at least this way I’ll stay, if not neck-and-neck, then at least within the same orbital as my students.

  3. Andrew says :

    Myself, I’ve been eyeing Making Things Talk, but I think it’s all aspirational at the moment. Not sure I’d actually pick up a soldering iron if I bought it.

  4. alex says :

    Nice! Welcome to the addiction. This book looks like a good next step…

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