Enough to get me drummed out of the Kool Kids’ circle

Uh…the new NYC Taxi branding? It’s growing on me.

I mean, it’s still wretched. Nothing can make that not so; there’s just something inexpressibly amateurish about the alignment of Smart Design’s otherwise-inoffensive “(T)axi” with the most regrettable Wolff Olins “NYC” slug. Even after Ground Zero, you have a hard time believing that New Yorkers could let themselves be swindled so baldly.


In use, on the street, in life there happens to be something about the logo’s manifest clumsiness that’s beginning to feel endearing to me, and it’s making it hard for me not to like it. (After a while…I wanted to.) Now that’s something I just didn’t see coming – and if ever, certainly not so quickly.

3 responses to “Enough to get me drummed out of the Kool Kids’ circle”

  1. Michal Migurski says :

    God, it’s almost as though Wolff Olins knows what they’re doing… they had me with the 2012 identity, designing for something like actual street and media context instead of brand presentations.

  2. CM Harrington says :

    Nope, still blows goats.

    But yeah, I get that you *want* to like it. After all, the NYC Taxis are an important cultural icon of The City. It’s a bit like Stockholm Syndrome, really.

  3. Christopher Fahey says :

    If it’s any consolation, I’ve also come to really like the London Olympics logo, making me persona non grata among the k00l kids. But I’m still pained by the taxi logo and the NYC logo itself, I’m afraid.

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