Artists only

Super-exciting news, not every detail of which I can share yet. But here’s the gist: I’ve been asked by a local arts institution to organize an evening of discussion and screening for sometime in the spring, most probably in April.

I’ll be looking for artists whose work touches broadly on the intersection of urbanism, everyware, and mapping/infovisualization, and (here’s the great part) I’ll actually have a budget. There should be enough to bring a few folks to town and, very happily, to acknowledge their effort with a modest honorarium. I have a few names on my wishlist already, of course, but I’m wanting to look beyond my own immediate network. Any suggestions you might have are most warmly solicited.

3 responses to “Artists only”

  1. Mark says :

    Your post titles are in the “ad blindness” zone where nobody looks, so readers don’t see them and think your blog is a bunch of untitled posts.

  2. AG says :

    Ah, you’ve conducted a broad survey, then, have you?

  3. Vidiot says :

    I quite like Robert Walden Jr.’s “ontological road maps”. His studio’s at Crane Street Studios, aka 5 Pointz, in LIC.

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