OLPC: First fruits

Ivan Krstić’s notebook on the first field deployment of One Laptop Per Child machines, previously discussed hereabouts on 12 and 17 November of the year instant.

You know I’ve got my reservations about the whole OLPC project. On balance, we wound up deciding it was a worthy enough endeavor to include with our other charitable activities, but not without some ambivalence. And I keep telling myself that you can’t draw any valid conclusions from the flush and frenzy of Unboxing Day – but I tell you what, it’s hard to retain the requisite critical distance faced with pictures like this.

Intellectually, I know that’s not and never will be the whole story; that the story will, in fact, be unique to every place these boxes touch down, and for every person who picks one up. Nevertheless, congratulations. Those kids sure do look happy, and by that metric OLPC already outshines anything I’ve ever set my hand to.

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